Membership Application

Check back soon for our membership application.

Download the membership application by clicking here. Once you have filled it out, mail it to the address on the top.

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION – email to Ruth Gaal <rgaal at comcast dot net>or mail to:

American Society of Inventors

P.O. Box 354
Feasterville, PA 19053
(215) 546-6601

Please Print

First Name:_________________ Last Name: ________________________

Street Address:______________________ City:________________ State____ Zip______

Phone (____)________________________ Profession _____________________________

How did you hear of The American Society of Inventors?__________________________________

E-Mail:____________________________________ Website____________________________________

(Note: Payment is preferred to be made electronically via PayPal. Just EMAIL this membership application to Ruth Gaal and send a PayPal payment to the PayPal account or use one of our links to make this payment. Thank you.  As an alternative, you can write a check and mail it to the above address.

These are our current membership rates for 2016:

_____ I am applying for a NEW Full Membership.
Enclosed is my payment of $49.00 for the first year.

_____ I wish to apply for a full three-year membership, $129.00
or ___ I wish to renew for three years, enclosed is my payment of $119.00

_____ I wish to renew my annual membership.

Enclosed is my payment of $49.00
Add $25 for a one year subscription to Inventor’s Digest

As a non-profit, we welcome donations to further help and assist the inventor community.

The membership fee includes a discounted subscription available to you to the magazine INVENTOR’s DIGEST – which will be sent to your home address.  
When applying for membership please enclose your membership fee, we do not send bills.
For a one year subscription to INVENTOR”S DIGEST, please 
include an additional @25.

Date _______________ Signature___________________________

Voluntary Information: Are you joining as an expert? What is your area of your expertise:

Are you currently working on an invention? If so, what is the general subject area of the invention:

Do you have any prior inventions? Have they been commercially marketed? If so, please give us the name, and a brief description of each. Patented or unpatented?

What do you expect from membership? How can we best help you?

Membership now includes our occasional inventor meetups, speakers on topics of interest to inventors, invention reviews, and meetings at places of interest to inventors.